Arts & Design

Do you want to have an excellent designing career? Well then waste no time in wondering. At Tap Enrol, we offer the most elaborate design course in Singapore. In fact, there are huge opportunities with designing and a lot of our students have turned brilliant professional designers. Our tutors have years of experience in professional designing and most importantly, we emphasize on making things incredibly simple for our students. Our course includes Photoshop, illustrator to real world projects. Furthermore, at Tap Enrol, we have the most interactive sessions wherein students can ask any questions pertaining to their course to the tutors, work individually on projects and work as a team on several projects.

We keep up with every single development in the design field to offer our students with the most comprehensive and contemporary designing lessons. We experienced a massive demand for our design course among the youths due to its incredible success over the years. By now we are ranked among the top institutes in Singapore when it comes to designing and what really makes us different from the others is actually our unique approach towards teaching designing which always about finding the right mix of advanced elements and simplicity of teaching. Also, we are at close monitoring of the performance of each and every student. We evaluate their performance on a regular basis and give them valuable feedbacks.

We have had an excellent journey so far in the field of design course in Singapore and we look forward to adding more innovative and advanced features to it in times to come.