Bachelor’s Degree in Finance

An accounting and finance degree offers students huge opportunities in career. These subjects are so essential for businesses that every company is looking for experts in these subjects. Whether as accountants or in the finance department or as auditors, students of Tap Enrol’s accounting and finance degree will easily find themselves placed in top-notch companies.
Accounting and finance degree courses equip students with a sound knowledge of these subjects. Those who pass the degree courses are easily accepted by many companies and placed in good positions. Companies depend on the function of these graduates to know whether their company is healthy and going in the right path. Accounting and finance degree holders are also essential to prepare various reports and statements that are mandatory to be submitted to the government.
Students are taught various subjects like financial management, auditing, costing, financial accounting etc. Financial institutions like banks are also looking for students how have got an accounting and finance degree from Tap Enrol. These companies have a huge demand for these graduates as their work itself is the management of finances. Stockbrokers are another good career option for the students.
Those who passed the accounting and finance degree can go further and study chartered or cost accountancy courses. Those who have passed these courses have a very high demand in many industries. Tap Enrol can guide you through the many courses that are available in Singapore. We can arrange for foreign students to get admission and study in the prestigious universities here.