Information Technology

Information Technology as a study deals with computers, electronic data and its storage and communication. It is different from Computer Science courses in that IT study deals with both hardware and software and the necessary devices. Computer Science deals with the programming and languages.

The study of IT has achieved great importance in the past decade as more and more businesses and government agenciesfunction using this technology. Companies cannot function without IT. Most of the common public also cannot function without it. Who can survive today without internet and search engines? Which company can function without networking and electronic data communication?

The term IT is used more in connectionwith the technology being used in businesses. IT includes a wide range of hardware or physical equipment. This includes the computer, laptops, smartphones, peripherals like recording equipment.

The software portion of IT includes all the operating systems with which a computer operates. It also includes the various applications that help in carrying out various functions either in a computer or a smartphone. The software is what affects or changes the data.

Information Technology is a very vast subject and includes many subjects under it, on which various courses are available. TapEnrol will guide through all the courses available in Information Technology.